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Serum products are commonly used in cell culture research.

Serum provides proteins, nutrients, attachment factors, trace elements, growth factors, and hormones, which aids in the growth of the cells.  Although FBS is the most commonly used serum product, many other products are sold as a lower cost alternative.

These products include bovine serum, horse serum, newborn calf serum, goat serum, rabbit serum, porcine serum and chicken serum.

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New Zealand Origin Sera and Protein Products

New Zealand is recognized as the world’s premier source of animal sera and protein products. Because of the country’s protected environment, strict agricultural regulations, and high standards of husbandry and care, animals are spared many significant diseases that affect herds elsewhere. New Zealand is considered free from all OIE diseases.

All of our other serum products are sourced from New Zealand with the exception of rabbit serum.

We offer more than 46 years of experience in serum manufacturing. We have the sourcing capabilities, technology, manufacturing know-how, and flexibility to offer the widest range of options. Our team of scientists and engineers work with you to provide solutions that satisfy your needs.

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