Gibco® goat serum is donor-herd collected, processed, and manufactured in New Zealand. Gibco® goat serum is tested specifically for cytotoxicity. Test samples are examined for the ability to support the attachment and proliferation of three adherent cell lines. The test and reference cultures are monitored for evidence of nutritional deficiency, abnormal morphology, or cytotoxicity.

Goat serum is also available in custom formats; call your local representative for more details.

Common Uses

  • Suitable replacement for FBS on most cell lines and primary cultures for Biomedical Research -  virus isolation and identification, virological studies, etc1
  • Used as an effective NBCS replacement for the culture of fish cells2
  • Could be successfully used in place of fetal bovine serum in the growth medium for long-term in vitro propagation of T. annulata schizonts3


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