Estrogen receptor

Ideally for researchers studying…*

  • Hormones or hormone receptors (androgens, estrogens, progesterone)
  • Cytotoxic drug response
  • Cellular signaling and reporter assays
  • Prostate cancer
  • Cell cycle
  • Tumor cells (breast and bladder)

Charcoal stripped fetal bovine serum has been absorbed with activated carbon that removes non-polar material such as lipophilic (lipid-related) materials (virus, certain growth factors, hormones and cytokines) regardless of molecular weight but has little effect on salts, glucose, amino acids, etc. 

This results in a serum that is more defined since lipid-like components that may impact research results are not in the culture system. These can be added at desired concentrations for improved ability to do lipid- and lipophilic molecule–related research.

* These results are based on a review of approximately 10,000 publications using query terms based on the six specialty FBS products offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific. These terms were generated by the MeSH (medical subject headings) taxonomy based on the full text of the paper.

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.