Diagram of gene expression controlled by the presence of tetracycline

Gibco Tet-System Approved FBS has been functionally tested to offer researchers optimal control over their gene expression systems, thus minimizing challenges that can be posed by this type of reagent.

Functional, cell-based assays that detect the presence of tetracycline and its derivatives are used to select FBS that delivers the highest range of induction.

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Tip: Looking to save some of your research budget? You can maintain your cell cultures in standard FBS and introduce Tet-System Approved FBS in the critical days prior to running assays.

Case study results with Tet-System Approved FBS

A biomanufacturing organization looking to improve the safety of cell culture virus production has engineered a cell line that will only permit virus expression in the presence of tetracycline. Replacing traditional FBS with Tet-System Approved FBS improves control over when the virus is produced.

FBS usedConditionResult
Tet-System Approved FBS-Tet
Tet-System approved FBS without Tet shows no active virus production and thus poses low biosafety risk
No active virus production
Low biosafety risk
Tet-System Approved FBS+Tet
Tet-System approved FBS with Tet shows high yield of active virus production; low biosafety risk
Virus production as expected
Low biosafety risk
Standard FBS with residual tetracycline-Tet
Standard FBS with residual Tet without Tet addition shows residual active virus production and thus poses high biosafety risk
Virus production when none was expected
Significant biosafety risk
Standard FBS with residual tetracycline+Tet
Standard FBS with residual Tet with Tet addition shows high yield active virus production; low biosafety risk
Virus production as expected
Low biosafety risk

Use of Tet-System Approved FBS provides optimal control of the virus production.

Areas of research utilizing tetracycline-inducible system with FBS

Ideal for researchers studyingExample
NeuroscienceProduce GABAA receptors for electrophysiological study1
Cancer researchQuantitatively control PVT1 expression by tet-on in bladder cancer2 Tetracycline-regulated shRNA expression to apply to monocyte interaction3
Drug screeningEstablish cell line with inducible Glutamate receptor for drug screening4
Vaccine developmentResearch for the safer vaccinia virus vaccines with tet-inducible system5
Gene editingCRISPR/Cas9-mediated control of NFAT56  and PVT1 and ANRIL7

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Did you know?

Unintended expression can occur in very sensitive tet-inducible gene expression systems while using FBS. This happens because some lots of FBS contain residual amounts of the antibiotic tetracycline (tet) derived from animal treatment. It is important to use functionally tested FBS and don’t base your decisions solely on names like Tet-Free or Tet-Zero.

Using Tet-System Approved FBS is the most secure and shortest way for inducible expression systems

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.