We’ve developed a range of cryopreservation solutions. Compare these solutions using the table below, and choose the one that best fits your research needs.

  Synth-a-Freeze Cryopreservation Medium Recovery Cell Culture Freezing Medium PSC Cryopreservation Kit
Description Intended for freezing and storing a variety of cell types Complete freezing medium for cryopreservation of a wide variety of mammalian cells Cryopreservation medium and recovery supplement optimized to enable maximum pluripotent stem cell viability
Tested cell types Human keratinocytes, ESCs, MSCs, NSCs, other primary cell types CHO-S, CHO-K1, HEK 293, Jurkat, NIH 3T3 CHO-S, CHO-K1, HEK 293, Jurkat, NIH 3T3
Chemical composition AOF Contains FBS Xeno-free
Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) product available CTS Synth-a-Freeze Medium    
Size 50 mL 50 mL 50 mL bottle + 5 mL vial
Cost $ $$ $$$
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