Gibco™ Recovery™ Cell Culture Freezing Medium is a complete cryopreservation medium for mammalian cell cultures.              

Protect your cells and your research results:

  • Improved cell recovery and viability after thawing from cryostorage
  • Ready-to-use freezing mix—no need to combine multiple products each time to make a home-brew freezing solution

Why Choose Recovery™ Cell Culture Freezing Media?

Cryopreserving your cells properly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure quick and accurate results when performing cell culture.  Having a robust and healthy culture with a large number of viable cells enables you begin experiments sooner – with more confidence in the results.

  • Recovery™ results in an average of a 25% increase of cell viabilities in the cryopreservation of both adherent and suspension cell lines
  • Recovery™ is an optimized fully supplemented formulation which avoids the messy mixing of DMSO
Cell Culture Freezing Medium

Figure 1.  Recovery of 5 different cell lines from cryopreservation in 8 freezing media vs. currently available cryopreservation technologies:  A set number of cells were frozen in liquid nitrogen.  Upon thawing, the cells were diluted into constant volumes of growth media and seeded in 12-well plates.  The initial seeding densities were 2.3 x 104 cells/well for adherent cell lines and 6.0 x 105 cells/well for nonadherent cell lines.  Results were normalized to Recovery™ - Cell Culture Freezing Medium (CCFM) and plotted with standard error bars (n=4).