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Whether conducting basic research or developing next-generation engineered cell therapies, you need to be able to rely on the quality and integrity of the recombinant proteins used in your experiments. As a premiere recombinant protein supplier and manufacturer, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a large section of high-quality Invitrogen and Gibco brand proteins, including Gibco PeproTech proteins to meet these needs.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific recombinant proteins are produced and tested to rigorous standards that vary depending on the product grade/intended use.

All research-grade recombinant proteins are produced in cell culture (mammalian, bacterial, yeast, insect). Every batch is tested for identity, purity, and biological activity using appropriate assays. PeproTech and other Gibco recombinant proteins are designed and tested for cell culture modulation whereas Invitrogen proteins are ideal for use in biochemical and cell analysis applications.

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Animal-free recombinant proteins are manufactured using only chemically defined, animal-origin free (AOF) materials. Animal-free recombinant proteins are ideal for use in animal studies as well as 3D cell culture models, as they mitigate the risk of spurious results from unknown etiological agents that may exist in animal-derived proteins.

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Gibco PeproGMP recombinant proteins are manufactured for use as ancillary materials in clinical manufacturing. Considerations such as quality control, documentation, and technical support are center to your bench-to-clinic success. PeproGMP recombinant proteins are designed to help you deliver results quickly.

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Innovative engineered proteins

Wnt surrogate-FC fusion

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Gibco Wnt Surrogate-Fc Fusion Protein has been engineered for increased solubility and potency, while activating similar Wnt signaling pathways as most recombinant Wnt3a proteins or Wnt-conditioned media.

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Heat-stable technology

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Gibco and PeproTech heat-stable recombinant growth factors have been engineered for greater stability in cell culture conditions. Get exceptional performance and retain bioactivity without artificially high concentrations.

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Recombinant proteins for modulating cell growth and differentiation

Recombinant proteins for SARS-CoV-2 research
PeproTech recombinant proteins and GMP cytokines

For those who seek a consistent supply of recombinant cytokines throughout the drug discovery and development journey, PeproTech cytokines and growth factors are manufactured solely in-house to maintain quality and help provide high compatibility across the RUO-to-GMP spectrum.

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Gibco recombinant growth factors for cell culture

Growth factors and cytokines play important roles in cell proliferation and development. Using pure, high quality recombinant growth factors verified to work with Gibco media can help achieve consistently reliable results in cell culture and assay models.

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As one of the largest recombinant protein suppliers, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an extensive catalog of Invitrogen and Gibco brand recombinant proteins, including those sold under the PeproTech name.

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