Recombinant proteins are often among the key raw materials used in clinical manufacturing of biotherapeutics, so strong supply chain continuity and scaling capabilities are important considerations when choosing a GMP cytokine or other GMP protein supplier.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers GMP proteins that can help you seamlessly scale your cell production process while meeting all clinical requirements. Gibco PeproGMP cytokines are designed and manufactured to support end-to-end manufacturing of cell therapies and other biotherapeutics.

Available PeproGMP recombinant proteins

All PeproTech GMP proteins are manufactured in E. coli using defined media, enzymes, and chemicals that are animal- and human-origin free. GMP recombinant proteins are available for a wide range of applications, including culture and modification of stem cells, immune cells, and organoids.

PeproGMP cytokines are developed and manufactured with quality, scale, and regulatory compliance in mind.

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Gibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) media and reagents and for cell therapy manufacturing

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PeproTech GMP protein manufacturing capabilities

Facilities for recombinant protein GMP manufacturing

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a dedicated 65,000 square foot facility for recombinant protein development and manufacture. All PeproTech recombinant proteins are now manufactured at this facility for high quality and consistency.

PeproTech proteins manufacturing facility features:

  • Controlled and certified ISO Class 7 and Class 8 cleanrooms for GMP manufacturing
  • Dedicated animal-free labs
  • Centralized manufacturing to ensure lot-to-lot consistency
Three cell therapy manufacturing instruments

Closed systems for therapeutic-quality cell processing from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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PeproGMP quality standards and regulatory compliance

Your quality system relies on the quality management systems of your raw material suppliers. PeproTech GMP proteins are backed by robust testing, documentation, and regulatory support to help reduce your risk, quality system burden, and regulatory submission complication.

Testing of GMP proteins

Extensive quality control tests are performed to verify that PeproGMP cytokines meet rigorous standards for purity, identity, safety, activity and consistency.

Identity and purity

N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis
Molecular weight determination by mass spectrometry
Minimum 95% purity by reverse-phase HPLC analysis and/or SDS-PAGE with western blotting

Protein content

UV spectroscopy
SDS-PAGE with western blotting (if applicable)


Residual E. coli DNA testing
Sterility: beginning, middle and end processes
Endotoxin < 0.1 EU/μg (or 0.01 ng/μg of protein)

Biological activity

Specific activity determined by product-specific in vitro bioassay, against reference standard and (when applicable) against WHO standards


Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Documentation and traceability are critically important for robust quality assurance. Each purchase of PeproGMP cytokines includes access to certificate of analysis, safety data sheets, and certificates of origin for GMP products.

CoA information included:

  • Reconstitution instructions
  • Specifications:
    • Endotoxin level
    • Protein content
    • N-terminal AA sequence validation
    • Sterility
    • Purity
    • Biological activity
    • Protein identity validation
    • Mycoplasma testing validation
    • Residual E. coli content testing

Consistent quality and performance of GMP cytokines

Consistency in potency is important to your ability to scale your discoveries easily without need for extra validation due to significant differences in source material and to assure that your manufacturing processes will also remain consistent from lot to lot. PeproGMP cytokines are manufactured within the same facility using the same manufacturing expertise as PeproTech RUO and animal-free proteins, just under the more stringent manufacturing guidelines for GMP-grade products and in dedicated GMP-compliant laboratories.

Lot-to-lot consistency

PeproGMP cytokines are tested for biological activity and potency in a cell proliferation assay. These lot-to-lot comparisons demonstrate consistent potency of PeproGMP cytokines across manufacturing lots. 

Grade-to-grade consistency

Western blot and cell proliferation assays demonstrate grade-to-grade consistency, authenticity and purity from all ranges of PeproTech recombinant proteins.

Western blotting results of three lots of PeproGMP FGF-basic
Figure 3. Western blot comparing molecular weight of the same FGF-Basic protein across all three grades of PeproTech recombinant proteins. There is no observable difference in molecular weight among the RUO, animal-free and GMP grades of protein, indicating that the proteins are structurally very similar.

Figure 4. Cell proliferation assay demonstrating the bioactivity of PeproTech FGF-Basic protein from three different grades (RUO, animal-free and GMP) that were manufactured in separate labs and lots. The three recombinant protein grades and batches exhibit highly similar potency in stimulating cell growth.

Gibco PeproTech quality management system

When developing lifesaving and world-changing therapeutics and vaccines, choose a supplier with rigorous quality standards. The Gibco PeproTech QMS includes important elements such as:

  • Supplier qualification standards
  • Traceability and monitoring of raw materials
  • Rigorous QA training program for employees
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance program
  • Documentation and records control
  • Product stability studies
  • Master quality and supply agreements

PeproTech GMP recombinant proteins are manufactured for use as ancillary materials by applying applicable principles of GMP and quality control requirements from USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Chapter <1043> Ancillary Materials for Cell, Gene, and Tissue-Engineered Products.

Dedicated recombinant protein quality assurance teams

Upon purchase of a PeproGMP cytokine, you’ll receive access to a dedicated support team to help you as you progress from research to clinical trials and into product manufacturing. Our expertise in regulatory compliance, quality assurance practices and technical support truly provides a “white glove” level of service.

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