Fast and potent selection antibiotics for use in bacterial culture. Life Technologies offers an extensive list of prokaryotic selection reagents.

Choose your type of bacterial selection antibiotic:

Carbenicillin Semi-synthetic penicillin antibiotic, commonly used in place of ampicillin to reduce the occurrence of satellites
Ampicillin Semi-synthetic penicillin derived from amino-penicillanic acid, and resistance mediated by β-lactamase cleavage of the β-lactam ring (bla gene)
Actinomycin D Antineoplastic antibiotic, which inhibits DNA-primed RNA polymerase
Kanamycin Bacteriocidal agent inhibiting ribosomal translocation, and eliciting miscoding
Streptomycin Aminoglycoside, which binds to small ribosomal subunit and interferes with protein biosynthesis
Neomycin Aminoglycoside commonly used for prokaryotic selection
Polymyxin Antibiotic used against gram-negative bacteria
Zeocin™ Bleomycin antibiotic, which cleaves DNA, and is highly effective in a variety of organisms including bacteria and yeast