Gibco cell culture systems

Get closer to in vivo predictions with Gibco cell culture systems. Our systems allow you to closely mimic the in vivo state and generate more physiologically relevant data. Each lot of primary cells is performance tested for viability and growth potential.

Gibco complete cell culture systems are:

  • Optimized for each cell type
  • Easy to use, offering single-shot supplementation
  • Available in custom solutions for unique research needs
  • Designed to enable the generation of organoid, spheroid, and 3D cell models

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Organoid and spheroid 3D cell culture using primary cells

Cells are the foundation of any 3D model, and cell selection is a critical first step in the generation of organoids and spheroids. The ultimate goal is to accurately represent the desired biology by choosing a cell and the reagents needed to create the growth conditions that will lead to an accurate 3D model, but there are many factors to consider. For example, primary cells are typically more “mature” and have an epigenetic memory, but typically don’t live as long and are more difficult to edit.

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Both adult and neonatal cells available.

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Obtain myotubes within 48 hours.

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Primary cell kit and culture supplement.

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Cell Culture Support Center

Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for your cell culture workflow.

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