Dermal Fibroblast Culture Systems

Our primary human dermal fibroblast cell culture systems are optimized to synthesize the extra cellular matrix and collagen, the structural framework for animal tissues that play a critical role in healing.

Primary Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells adult (HDFa)
Primary Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells neonatal (HDFn)

  • > 500,000 cells/vial, cryopreserved at the end of 1' culture
  • > 70% viability
  • > 12 Adult or 16 Neonatal population doublings
  • Optimized for superior performance over leading competitors

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Fibroblast Cell
Day 3 - HDFn

Fibroblast Cell
Day 5 - HDFn

Fibroblast Cell
Day 7 - HDFn

Phase contrast images of Human Dermal Fibroblast (HDFn) in culture

HDFn cells grown in Medium 106 (M-106-500) with the addition of Low Serum Growth Supplement (LSGS). First culture after thaw.