Melanocyte Cell Culture Systems

Primary Human Melanocyte Cells are shown to proliferate in our Primary Human Melanocytes (HEMa) Cell Culture systems. Our Melanocyte Cells Cultures are optimized to synthesize Melanocyte Cells which are derived from the melanogenesis process.

  • > 500,000 cells/vial, cryopreserved at the end of 2' culture
  • Dark, Medium and Lightly Pigmented Cell types
  • > 70% viability
  • > 16 population doublings for Lightly Pigmented adult & neonatal HEM
  • > 12 population doublings for Medium & Dark Pigmented HEM
  • Optimized for superior performance over the leading competitors

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Phase contrast images of Primary Human Melanocytes (HEMa) in culture

HEMa cells grown in Medium 254 ( M-254-500) with the addition of Human Melanocyte Growth Supplement ( HMGS). First culture after thaw.
Melanocyte Cells
Day 5 - HEMa

Melanocyte Cells
Day 9 - HEMa

Melanocyte Cells
Day 14 - HEMa

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