Find the neural cell culture tools that are right for you based on your application

Having the right components for your complete neural cell culture medium is essential to achieving the best cell culture results.

To order the optimal reagents for your application, review the table below.


Application Supplement Cat. No.
Studies where XenoFree components are required B-27 Supplement, XenoFree CTS A14867-01
Studies of oxidative stress/damage, apoptosis, or where free radical damage to neurons occurs B-27 Supplement, minus antioxidants 10889-038
Studies of insulin secretion or insulin receptors B-27 Supplement, minus insulin A1895601
Electrophysiology studies B-27 Plus Neuronal Culture System
(includes media and supplement)
Growth and expansion of retinal ganglion cells B-27 Supplement, Custom 0080085-SA

Basal media

Application Optimized cell type Basal media Cat. No.
Growth and maintenance of neurons Prenatal and fetal neurons Neurobasal Plus Medium A3582901
Receptor studies, downstream purification studies or other processes where the presence of phenol red is undesired Prenatal and fetal neurons Neurobasal Medium, minus phenol red 12348-017
Postnatal and adult brain neurons Neurobasal A  Medium, minus phenol red 12349-015
Manipulation of neurons at ambient CO2 for at least 48 hr while retaining viability Postnatal neurons Hibernate-A Medium A12475-01
Embryonic neurons Hibernate-E Medium A12476-01
Glucose-response or insulin receptor studies where the presence of D-glucose or sodium pyruvate may interfere Postnatal neurons Neurobasal-A, minus D-glucose and Sodium Pyruvate A24775-01

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