An industry leader in hepatic biology, Invitrogen offers a comprehensive range of in vitro safety testing products and services to facilitate regulatory compliance and reduce the need for animal testing.   Invitrogen offers:

  • Innovative human and environmental safety testing products and services - facilitate compliance with REACh and other regulatory requirements
  • Wide testing-capability range - standard product safety assessments or customized assessments to meet your specific needs
  • GLP-compliance - acute toxicity safety assessment (human safety) and bioaccumulation testing (environmental safety)

Learn more about REACh: The New European Directive for Chemical Testing

Solutions Designed for You

We can help you design the testing program of your choice.  Our strong regulatory experience and relationships, coupled with our scientific expertise and innovative approaches, make us the premier partner for your safety assessment compliance needs.

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Safety Assessment Testing - REACh Products & Services

Invitrogen offers a robust suite of in-house human and environmental safety testing products and services to enable compliance with the REACh directive.  We offer a broad range of capabilities, including standard studies to meet the product safety testing requirements of applicable regulatory agencies and customized studies tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Scientific experts and industry leaders on staff
  • Extensive experience and track record
  • Strong knowledge of regulatory landscape and requirements
  • Innovative approaches to problem solving and product development
  • Broad portfolio of safety assessment products and services

Leveraging our expertise and the global resources of Invitrogen, we offer the following standardized and customizable testing:

Human Safety

Acute In Vitro Safety

  • Human and Animal Liver Cytotoxicity
  • Human and Animal Gene Regulation to Predict Safety
  • Cytotoxicity - cell morphology, membrane integrity, energy production/metabolism, mitochondrial function, apoptosis and oxidative stress assays
  • S9, Microsomes, Hepatocytes - human, monkey, dog, rat, mouse, rabbit, trout

Learn more about Human Safety Assessment Testing

Enviromental Safety


  • Environmental Bioaccumulation -  rainbow trout
  • S9, Microsomes, Cryopreserved Hepatocytes  - trout

Learn more about Environmental Safety Testing