With the proliferation of chemicals on in the global marketplace, human safety is increasingly a global concern.  We make it our business to develop innovative approaches to safety assessment.

Human Safety - Acute In Vitro Assessment

Does a chemical have the potential to cause liver toxicity?
Do you have enough data on your compound to prove it is safe?

If you are seeking answers to questions like the ones listed above, then we have the solutions you need.  Our current offering includes standardized testing for:

Our innovative methods include testing services for cell morphology, membrane integrity, energy production and metabolism, mitochondrial function, apoptosis and oxidative stress.

  Additionally, we offer S9, microsomes, and hepatocytes across a broad selection of species, including human, monkey, dog, rat, mouse, trout, and custom species.

  • Effective testing for toxicity related to chemical exposure
  • Allows cross species comparisons & and potency, efficacy and induction/suppression profiling
Learn more about our S9 fractions and microsome pools as well as our primary hepatocytes.