Gene expression profiles across concentration- and time-response have been proven to be a useful tool in ranking compounds and predicting relative risk.  Furthering the course of innovation, we have developed proprietary approach to predicting toxicity using human gene regulation testing.

Hepatic Expression System (HES)

Our Hepatic Expression System (HES) is a novel, predictive approach that provides a fast, simple and precise multiplexed cell-based assay platform for your testing needs.

Benefits include:

  • Innovative technology - monitors 14 genes in one assay
  • Consistent Data – biological replicates with CVs typically less than 10%
  • Throughput – screen thousands of samples per day
  • Sensitivity – detect single-copy transcripts in as few as 1,000 cells
  • Data Resolution – detect subtle changes in expression of less than 20% with a p<0.05
  • Reproducible – produce day-to-day CVs of ~2%

Data-backed analysis is at the core of all Invitrogen Safety Assessment Services and the Hepatic Expression System is no exception.  This novel technology, supported by a robust suite of computational tools, protocols, and outputs provides:

  Proprietary Data Analysis Tools - cluster data across both concentration- and time-response
Proprietary Curve Fitting
- across concentration-response
  • EC50
  • Emax
  • Emin.
  • Hill slope
Statistically Significant Responses (f-test)
Correlation Analyses (e.g. EROD, gene-to-gene, etc…)
Time Effects

Solutions Designed for You

We can help you design the testing program of your choice.  Our strong regulatory experience and relationships, coupled with our scientific expertise and innovative approaches, make us the premier partner for your safety assessment compliance needs.

  • For further information on how we can partner with you to meet your safety assessment needs, please contact us.