Effective assessment of cytotoxicity is critical to effective chemical safety assessment.  Cytotoxicity testing determines whether a product or compound will have any toxic effect on living cells.

Our approach to cytotoxicity testing is highly sensitive due to the isolation of the test cells in culture and the absence of the protective mechanisms that assist cells within the body. 

Invitrogen Hepatocytes & Cytotoxicity Assays are the Industry Gold Standard

Invitrogen hepatocytes have long been the industry gold standard and our cytotoxicity assays conform to the same standards and values.

Our cytotoxicity assay benefits:

  • Provide human-relevant cytotoxicity data for liver
  • Enable cross-species comparisons
  • Reveal insights into modes of chemical-biological interactions via assay endpoints, concentrations and time data
  • Allow rapid screening of large numbers of compounds via high throughput methods

In addition, a database containing both primary hepatocyte derived in vitro data and in vivo data of known toxicants to help customers relate the response of their chemicals will be available soon.

Solutions Designed for You

We can help you design the testing program of your choice.  Our strong regulatory experience and relationships, coupled with our scientific expertise and innovative approaches, make us the premier partner for your safety assessment compliance needs.

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