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Transfection (i.e., delivery) of genes, RNA, or proteins into cells is a foundational technique in the life sciences. Successful transfection is critical for a range of applications, including studies of gene expression, gene knockdown (i.e., RNAi), genome editing, and protein expression for biopharmaceuticals. Furthermore, advances in mammalian cell transfection technologies, such as in vivo delivery, have proven invaluable to clinical research, with these techniques playing pivotal roles in the development of vaccines as well as cell and gene therapies.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is a trusted supplier of products for highly effective cell transfection. The family of lipid-based Invitrogen Lipofectamine transfection reagents is the most cited line of transfection reagents in the world, with a wide range of products designed for highly effective and efficient nucleic acid delivery into a multitude of cell types. Similarly, the Invitrogen Neon Transfection System has been shown to successfully electroporate over 140 different cell types, offering an efficient, flexible, and simple solution for difficult-to-transfect cells. Select from this range of products built to support in vitro transfection of cells in your lab. If you are seeking solutions for in vivo delivery, discover Invitrogen reagents optimized for use in live organisms (see Invivofectamine 3.0 Reagent).

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One Cell Biology Product Handbook

One Cell Bio Product handbook

Download the One Cell Bio Product handbook and discover integrated system solutions as well as information on powerful tools to accelerate your research.

One Cell Bio Product handbook

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Packaging must protect the product inside—but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sustainability. Lipofectamine products are shipped at ambient temperature, diverting 24,000 ft3 of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) coolers from landfills annually. We reduce the carbon footprint from packaging and shipping these products by 80 tons (CO2 equivalents).

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