Transfection is a pivotal and fundamental technique for life scientists, with applications across basic and clinical research as well as in industrial settings. Understanding, selecting, and effectively utilizing the right transfection products, methods, and applications is vital to ensuring success.

As your trusted supplier of gene delivery products and technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a variety of resources to support transfection in your lab.

Transfection techniques and basics

Discover resources that have been built to enhance your understanding of transfection, including fundamentals and techniques for beginners as well as for more advanced researchers. Learn strategies, methods, and guidelines to improve transfection efficiency and enable success in your lab.

Explore transfection techniques and basics

Gene delivery tools of the trade: product usage information

Discover a library of literature built and curated by Thermo Fisher scientists to guide you in your transfection experiments. Find application notes, protocols, posters, articles, and guides for using transfection in a variety of model systems and on selecting the right products for your experiments.

Best practices for DNA transfection

Learn how to optimize plasmid DNA transfection in your lab, including best practices for performing this transfection application.

Optimize your transfection experiment

Learning and Support Centers for Cell Culture and Transfection

This learning center provides you with a plethora of resources on successfully performing cell culture, a foundational life sciences technique. Improve your skills and outcomes in the cell culture room with information on the basics, including media, supplements, and avoiding contamination, and learn specifics on cell culture equipment and cryopreservation techniques.

Browse the cell culture and transfection support centers to obtain the information you need to perform experiments effectively and efficiently in your lab, including tips and techniques for culturing and transfecting specific cell types.

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