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Maximize protein production with transient transfection

Everything you'd expect from the latest generation of Invitrogen™ transfection reagents

Obtain higher protein yields in CHO and 293 suspension cultures with FreeStyle™ MAX Reagent. This new reagent is a proprietary cationic lipid formulation for transfection/protein production, enabling structural and functional studies for various bio-pharmaceutical and preclinical applications. It has never been so easy to generate milligram quantities of mammalian recombinant proteins, especially from transiently transfected cells. The FreeStyle™ MAX Reagent is optimized with FreeStyle™ CHO/293 medium and cells, which provides an advanced alternative to conventional stable cell line generation or transient transfection of adherent cultures in multiple roller bottles. The straightforward protocol allows you to scale up cultures from 30 ml to 10 L.

With the FreeStyle™ MAX Reagent you'll get:

  • Milligram quantities of functional proteins with mammalian-type, posttranslational modifications within days
  • An easy, rapid protocol using transiently transfected cells in suspension culture

Simplified downstream purification of secreted proteins with serum and animal origin-free components