Premade Clones / Clone Collections

By making clone manuals available online and no longer shipping them with every order, we are significantly reducing paper usage. You can now access, review, and download needed clone information from one easy location, whenever you need it. Access clone manuals here.

Ultimate™ ORF clones

Full-insert sequenced open reading frames (ORFs) of human and mouse clones in a Gateway® entry vector.  Ultimate™ ORF clones offer the highest utility for your downstream analysis needs in plates or tubes and with different QC levels to match your needs. 

Full-length clones - MGC Clones

An unparalleled repository of cDNA clones enriched for full-length inserts.  Invitrogen’s full-length clone offering is derived from both public (Mammalian Gene Collection) and proprietary sources. Species offered are human, mouse, and rat. 

BAC/PAC Clones

A repository of clones from genomic libraries which contain DNA inserts in excess of 100 to 300 kb.  Sources for BAC clones include human and mouse tissues.  Sources for PAC clones include human, mouse and rat tissues. 

Yeast Deletion Clones

A collection of clones where each yeast deletion represents a unique gene-knockout of the S. cerevisiae genome.  The yeast deletion strains are available in the form of Mat-a haploid, Mat-alpha haploid, heterozygous diploid, and homozygous diploid. 

Yeast GFP Clones

A collection of S. cerevisiae GFP-tagged open reading frame clones. 

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