Ultimate ™ ORF ClonesBAC and PAC ClonesYeast Deletion ClonesYeast-GFP Clones
Number of clones in collection~17,000~3 million~20,000~4100
Available speciesHuman and MouseHuman, Mouse and RatYeastYeast
Sequence informationFull-insert sequencednot verified PCR verified to contain an insert of the correct length
Expression testedNoNoNoNo
Gateway™ Technology compatibleYes, in pENTR™ 221NoNoNo
Amino acid guaranteeYes, 100% matchNoNoNo
QC parametersGrowth, phage tested and end sequenced prior to shippingGrowth and phage testedGrowth and phage testedGrowth and phage tested
ApplicationsFunction/ Expression studiesScreening genomic DNAFunction/ Expression studiesLocalization studies
Cat. No.  (all catalog numbers need a specific clone ID to process the order)HORF01 (human), MORF01 (mouse)Various9540095700