A budget version of our Ultimate™ ORF clones

  • Vast selection of over 16,000 Ultimate™ Human ORF Clones 
  • Gateway® entry clone format – 1-hour recombinatorial cloning into expression vectors gets you to expression and analysis faster
  • 100% amino acid match guarantee – sequence verification against GenBank®, Ensembl, and Swissprot databases

Ultimate™ ORF LITE clones are a budget-friendly version of our regular Ultimate™ ORF Collection. The clone stocks used to prepare the LITE clones are the same as for our premium Ultimate™ ORF offering. However, the quality control skips the end-sequencing prior to the shipment of each clone ID in order to pass the savings to you.

What are the differences between the regular and LITE version of the Ultimate™ ORF Clones?

The table below compares side by side both versions of the collection.

  Ultimate™ ORF Clone Collection Ultimate™ ORF Clone LITE Collection
Parent stockFully sequenced, single PCR ORF with start and stop codonsFully sequences, single PCR ORF with start and stop codons
Tested for phageYesYes
Tested for growth and antibiotic resistanceYesYes
Isolation of individual colonies for each clone IDYesNo*
Validation of clone identity by sequencing on both ends of the ORFYesNo*


The LITE version of the Ultimate™ ORF Clones can not be ordered online at this time and only applies to human clones. Please contact our Customer Service representatives for support.

As in the case of the regular Ultimate™ ORF Clones, the LITE clones can be readily identified via an online search using the Ultimate™ ORF Browser.

Quality Control and guarantee

The Ultimate™ ORF Clone LITE Collection is updated quarterly with the most current information from the GenBank, Ensembl and Swissprot databases and if any Ultimate ORF Clone have become invalid, they are deactivated from the collection and moved to the ORFanage Collection. The Ultimate™ ORF LITE Clones are not guaranteed to match GenBank® sequence and in some cases, screening 2 to 4 individual colonies might be needed in order to isolate the clone that matches 100% the aminoacid sequence.

What You Receive

Your clones will be shipped in 96-well plates as E. coli  glycerol stocks on dry ice. Please store promptly at -80°C.

Life Technologies™ Corporation provides an evolving clone collection where each gene represented is identified as containing a complete open reading frame, based on a dynamic source of bioinformatic information contained within GenBank. GenBank is a genetic sequence database, which contains an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences. Ultimate™ ORF Clones are typically derived from cDNA clones believed to contain a complete open reading frame, according to the most current GenBank update. Please note, subsequent GenBank updates may show some of these cDNA clones to contain a partial sequence, a non-coding sequence or other artifacts. Quarterly, Life Technologies™ Corporation will update the Ultimate™ ORF Clone Collection, by adding, deleting, or modifying the bioinformatic information to more accurately reflect the most current scientific information associated with each of the clones represented in the collection. It is highly recommended that the purchaser carefully evaluate the ORF clone sequence prior to purchase. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check whether the sequence associated with any particular clone meets his/her scientific requirement prior to purchase. Life Technologies makes no warranties, express or implied, that the manufacture, use, importation, or sale of the gene contained within any Ultimate™ ORF clone will not infringe any third party intellectual property right.