Learn the essentials of reverse transcription, reverse transcriptases, and cDNA applications

Find everything you need to know about reverse transcription and reverse transcriptases. Review our educational resources intended for new and experienced researchers alike. Begin your search with the basics of reverse transcription, and further your knowledge with more topics covering cDNA synthesis, reverse transcriptases troubleshooting tips, and cDNA applications in molecular biology studies.

Learn about the roles of reverse transcription in biological systems and in molecular biology research.

Examine essential factors for cDNA synthesis, such as RNA purity, the reverse transcriptase selected, primers used, reaction components, and reaction conditions.

Find out how polymerase activity, RNase H activity, thermostability, and processivity of a reverse transcriptase can impact its functions as a molecular biology tool.

Discover uses of reverse transcription in RT-PCR, cDNA cloning, RACE, gene expression microarrays, and RNA sequencing.

Review troubleshooting tips on reverse transcription with a focus on RT-PCR issues.

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