When you are trying out a new cloning method or simply looking for a recommendation this section covers common cloning methods and techniques.

Blunt End Cloning

Zero Blunt™ TOPO™ Cloning Kits eliminates background making cloning blunt-ended products efficient & fast.

Clone Collections

Eliminate RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and sequence validation using open reading frame clones

Long Fragment Cloning

TOPO™ cloning, Zero Background™ technology & a unique gel purification step to enhance cloning of PCR products from 3-10 kb.

Restriction Enzyme Digestion & Ligation

Cloning by restriction enzyme digestion and ligation is a simple & easy way of moving a fragment of double stranded DNA from one plasmid to another.

Plant DNA Cloning

Cloning plant DNA is a key step for genetic engineering, gene studies, and other applications in plant research.


GeneArt™ Site-Directed Mutagenesis System provides a convenient & highly efficient means to generate mutant target proteins in vitro.

Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis enables you to design, construct and optimize your gene(s) of interest.

Seamless Cloning

GeneArt™ Seamless Cloning and High-order Genetic Assembly kits brings flexibility, precision and simplicity to your work.

TOPO™ PCR Cloning

5-minute, room-temperature cloning with no gel purification or post-PCR modifications & up to 95% recombinants with TOPO™ cloning.


Simplify cloning and expression of multiple genes using Gateway™ technology.


Transformation is the process of altering a cell so that it acquires and expresses genetic material acquired from the surrounding environment.

Thermo Scientific™ Cloning Tools

FastDigest™ restriction enzymes, CloneJET™ kits, InsTAclone™ kits, Ligase Independent Cloning, Alkaline Phosphatases and more.

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Cloning Services

We offer everything from custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression.

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