Cloning Methods

When you are trying out a new cloning method or simply looking for a recommendation this section covers common cloning methods and techniques.

Blunt End Cloning

Zero Blunt TOPO Cloning Kits eliminates background making cloning blunt-ended products efficient and fast.

Clone Collections

Eliminate RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and sequence validation using open reading frame clones

Long Fragment Cloning

TOPO cloning, Zero Background technology and an unique gel purification step to enhance cloning of PCR products from 3-10 kb.

Restriction Enzyme Digestion and Ligation

Cloning by restriction enzyme digestion and ligation is a simple and easy way of moving a fragment of double stranded DNA from one plasmid to another.

Plant DNA Cloning

Cloning plant DNA is a key step for genetic engineering, gene studies, and other applications in plant research.


GeneArt Site-Directed Mutagenesis System provides a convenient and highly efficient means to generate mutant target proteins in vitro.

Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis enables you to design, construct and optimize your gene(s) of interest.

Seamless Cloning & Gibson Assembly®

GeneArt Gibson Assembly and Seamless Cloning allow you to build clones using multiple fragments with no additional sequences or scars.

TOPO PCR Cloning

5-minute, room-temperature cloning with no gel purification or post-PCR modifications and up to 95% recombinants with TOPO cloning.


Simplify cloning and expression of multiple genes using Gateway technology.


Transformation is the process of altering a cell so that it acquires and expresses genetic material acquired from the surrounding environment.

Thermo Scientific Cloning Tools

FastDigest restriction enzymes, CloneJET kits, Ligase Independent Cloning, Alkaline Phosphatases and more.



Cloning Services

We offer everything from custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression.

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