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Gateway® recombination cloning technology circumvents traditional restriction enzyme based cloning limitations, enabling you to access virtually any expression system in just a few simple steps. From protein expression to functional analysis, Gateway® cloning technology is applicable for a variety of research areas, for truly multidisciplinary scientific studies.

Single-step BP/LR Clonase® reaction protocol now available!

  • Fast—1-hour room temperature cloning reactions
  • Accurate—cloning efficiency >99% delivers the clone you need
  • Easy—no need for restriction enzymes or ligation to maintain orientations and reading frames for expression-ready clones
  • Convenient—no resequencing required; use the same clone from target identification to validation for consistency
  • Flexible—shuttle DNA inserts from one expression vector to the next
  • Versatile—select from E. coli, yeast, insect, or mammalian cell Destination vectors (see the basics of Gateway® cloning reactions)

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Single-step BP/LR Clonase® reaction protocol

DNA fragments can be cloned into Destination vectors in a single step reaction, allowing you to save time and money.

  • Reduce the overall time needed to obtain an Expression clone from 3 days to 1
  • Reduce the cost by using less BP Clonase® enzyme

This protocol has been published in BioTechniques.
Download the PDF.
Download the Supplementary Material and Protocol.

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Widely adopted in the research community with more than 1,500 references since its launch, Gateway® cloning technology makes collaboration across research disciplines easy and convenient.

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Gateway® Cloning Technology

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