Invitrogen GeneArt services: From custom DNA constructs to protein expression

Combining the convenience of our online ordering system and Invitrogen GeneOptimizer technology, cutting-edge Invitrogen GeneArt services are here to help meet your gene synthesis needs for increased protein expression via optimized synthetic genes or directed evolution services to rationalize protein engineering.

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For all service options, no physical template is required, and you can take advantage of our industry-leading sequence optimization for improved expression and sequence design flexibility.

 GeneArt Strings DNA FragmentsGeneArt Cloned Gene SynthesisGeneArt Gene-to-Protein
What we doSynthesis of linear dsDNA fragments up to 3 kbSynthesis of DNA of interest, cloned into standard vector or expression vector of choice (ready to use)Expression and purification of proteins from mammalian cells, starting from only the electronic sequence
  • Synthesis of large sequences
  • Synthesis of complex sequences (e.g., high/low GC content)
  • Downstream services available
  • All production steps from a single-source provider
  • Experienced scientists
  • Reliable and advanced expression systems (ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression Systems)
  • Expression scales from 30 mL to 25 L
Hands-on timeMediumLowNone
Deliverables200 ng linear dsDNA pool, dried5 µg plasmid DNA clone, driedProtein of interest and expression vector used for transfection
Production time
  • 3–5 business days for <2 kb
  • 6–8 business days for 2–3 kb
  • 7 business days for genes <1,200 bp
  • 9 business days for genes <3,000 bp
  • Acceleration options available
Typically 30 business days
LengthUp to 3 kbUp to 100 kbN/A
Quality controlBulk sequencing100% sequence-verifiedDetailed documentation, including Coomassie-stained PAGE gel and western blot

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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