Fast, reliable protein production from mammalian cells

The GeneArt™ Genes-to-Proteins service is an extremely fast way to obtain correctly folded, native protein from transiently transfected mammalian cells. Starting with only the nucleotide sequence, we can provide purified protein typically within 30 business days. We clone your expression optimized gene into one of the advanced Life Technologies expression vectors, produce transfection grade plasmid DNA and then use the described advanced expression systems and conditions to obtain high expression yields. Secreted or intracellular protein is then purified using affinity chromatography (e.g. Fc tag, His tag, etc.). Further protein polishing steps are available if highly purified protein is needed. A detailed documentation including coomassie stained PAGE gel and western blot is provided with every purified protein. Deliverables of such a project are the protein of interest and the expression vector used for transfection.

How To Get Your Project Started


Download and fill out the Protein Production Request Form, then email it to the GeneArt™ Cell Lines and Protein Services team We will respond with a price and production time quote.

Table 1: Protein production services; optimally combined with gene synthesis and subcloning into desired Life Technologies expression vector to achieve highest expression yields.

Service Description Deliverables  
Genes-to-Proteins Pilot Feasibility study for determination of production yield of protein from transiently transfected HEK293 or CHO cells
  • Price quote for production of a customer specified protein amount
  • Documentation including coomassie gel and western blot
  • Purified protein
Genes-to-Proteins Purification Protein expression and purification from customer specified culture volume of transiently transfected 293 or CHO cells
  • All protein purified from specified culture volume (alternatively, culture supernatant or cells)
  • Documentation including coomassie gel and western blot

Genes-to-Proteins Complete

Protein expression and purification of customer specified protein amount using transiently transfected 293 or CHO cells

Pilot expression service mandatory

  • Purified protein amount as specified
  • Documentation including coomassie gel and western blot

The combination of GeneArt™ expression optimization and Life Technologies advanced expression systems (e.g. Expi™293) usually lead to higher overall project reliability and expression yields than obtained with non-optimized genes and other expression systems (see section Expi 293 expression system).

Figure 1: Advantages of the GeneArt™ Genes-to-Proteins service.

Please email for more information or a quote.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.