GeneArt Gene Synthesis offers sequence design and synthesis services for optimal gene and protein expression

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GeneArt Custom Gene Synthesis is a reliable and cost-effective method for obtaining customized DNA constructs with 100% sequence accuracy or Strings DNA Fragments quickly and efficiently. Our GeneOptimizer algorithm utilizes a unique multifactorial approach (up to 20 parameters) codon optimization to significantly improve protein expression compared to wild-type protein.

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Why choose GeneArt Gene Synthesis

  • Reliable delivery: Save time and effort by outsourcing your cloning and DNA fragment needs so you can focus on more important aspects of your research.
  • Fast synthesis: Turnaround times start at 5 business days with our acceleration services. Standard delivery times are faster than many conventional cloning methods.
  • Flexible, custom process: Obtain the exact sequence you need in the vector of choice—including challenging, complex constructs and custom vectors.
  • Optimize discovery: Utilize GeneOptimizer tool to improve protein expression and translational efficiency for a faster path to discovery when it matters.

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Try our new GeneArt Instant Designer ordering tool and get 64% off* the subcloning fee when you order your gene in an Invitrogen or customer-provided vector, or get 40% off* when you combine subcloning with plasmid prep services. Use promo codes P4699339 (US) & P4699348 (Canada) at checkout through the end of the year.

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Have confidence in your custom gene synthesis

Like all GeneArt Gene Synthesis services, our standard gene synthesis includes the following components to help assure that your construct meets all of your research, quality, and documentation requirements.

  • Configure your project on your own in our online portal
  • Fast and easy project design
  • Instant overview of project history
  • Complete documentation

If you are new to GeneArt Gene Synthesis, check out our online ordering quick start guide and our gene synthesis tutorials.

GeneArt Gene Synthesis cloned genes production times

It is important to note that genes are made-to-order products and can show variations in producibility, depending on the complexity of the DNA sequence. Typical production times are met for > 90% of genes produced. Production time is the number of business days required to synthesize genes in our manufacturing facility. Delivery time is in addition to production time and depends on the destination of the shipment.

For the best pricing and most accurate turnaround time remember to optimize your sequences.

Range (bp)Value gene synthesisPrime gene synthesis
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Options to get your cloned genes even faster

  • Use our Express service* to save 1-2 days of turnaround time
  • SuperSPEED starts at only 5 days (up to 1.8kb)

* Valid for gene synthesis (non-complex, GC content 20-80%, repetitions, secondary structures).

For complex sequences, production times will be longer and these will be communicated prior to production.
** Subject to sequence assessment. Order must be placed by 3:00 p.m. CET. Please note: Rarely, requested sequences are found to be toxic and/or genetically unstable. These production times are only valid for nontoxic sequences that are genetically stable in E. coli.

Strings DNA Fragment production times

Sequence rangeProduction time (business days)*
DNA Fragments 200–600 bp3–5
DNA Fragments 601–1,000 bp3–4
DNA Fragments 1,001–2,000 bp4–5
DNA Fragments 2,001–3,000 bp6–8
DNA Libraries: IUPAC ntd10–15

*Production time is the number of business days required to synthesize GeneArt Strings DNA products in our manufacturing facility. Delivery time is in addition to production time and depends on the destination of the shipment.

* This promotion is open to customers in the US (excluding Puerto Rico) and Canada who purchase GeneArt Subcloning Services via the GeneArt Instant Designer online ordering tool located at and apply either promo code P4699339 (US) or P4699348 (CA) during checkout. Discount will apply to qualifying orders received by Life Technologies no later than December 31, 2022, or until promotional supplies are depleted, whichever comes first. 64% discount applies to the list price of CLCS5UGDE in effect at the time the order is received by Life Technologies. 40% discount applies to the list price of CLC0050MLDE, CLC0250MLDE, CLC0001MGDE, CLC2500MLDE or CLC5000MLDE in effect at the time the order is received by Life Technologies. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Offer void where prohibited, licensed, or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Other restrictions may apply.