You need your synthetic gene constructs quickly—to help you get your research on the fast track, we offer three different production/delivery time options for GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis services. Regardless of the option you choose, the GeneArt Gene Synthesis service always provides the same reliable, high-quality production, quality control, and documentation for your project.

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GeneArt Gene Synthesis service production times

Sequence length
Production time (business days)
Standard** Express** SuperSPEED***
≤1,200 bp 9 7 5
1,201—1,800 bp 12 10 7
1,801—3,000 bp 12 10 NA
3,001—5,000 bp 17 15 NA
5,001—7,000 bp 22 20 NA
7,001—9,000 bp 22 20 NA
>9,000 bp Contact us**** NA

*1,201-7,000 bp 2 days faster, 7,001-9,000 bp 9 days faster
**Valid for standard gene synthesis (non-complex, GC content 10–80%). For complex sequences, production times will be longer and these will be communicated prior to production.
***Subject to sequence assessment. Order must be placed by 3:00 p.m. CET.
****We will respond to your email in a 24hr time frame. Please use our Sequence Submission Form to transfer your sequence.

Please note: Rarely, requested sequences are found to be toxic and/or genetically unstable. These production times are only valid for nontoxic sequences that are genetically stable in E. coli.

How we do it

Get your synthetic gene a few days earlier with Express Delivery

The GeneArt™ Express Delivery upgrade shaves a few days off your production time economically.  Just select the “express delivery” option when you set up your project using our online customer portal or get a delivery time and price estimate by contacting us—see the “contact & help” link on the customer portal.

NEW! Save time with the new express cloning service!

You can now save 4-5 days turnaround time when you order expression ready genes. Simply choose the express cloning option into selected vectors, when ordering via the online portal. You will receive your synthesized gene in the selected expression vector  in around 11 business days (depending on the length of your gene). Adding the gene synthesis express upgrade  to cut an additional 2 days, so it is possible that in 9 business days to produce your cloned, expression ready gene.

GeneObserver online tracking lets you see your project status anytime

The GeneObserver™ online tracking system lets you see the progress of your project at any time. Data on each project are automatically uploaded to the GeneObserver® system in real-time as project moves through the production pipeline. Additional comments may also be entered by our production scientists.

Shortly after placing your GeneArt Gene Synthesis service order, you will be sent an e-mail with a secure link for each gene, variant, or subcloning request. Simply log in to the online customer portal and access GeneObserver reports for your project(s), including status information and estimated delivery time.

GeneObserver online tracking system

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.