The Invitrogen™ GeneArt™ online portal contains the most up-to-date listing of our gene synthesis products and services. At the portal, you can design and order synthetic genes, GeneArt Strings™ DNA fragments, and most of our other GeneArt™ services, conveniently and efficiently and without any additional customer service communication required. The online portal gives you immediate information on prices and estimated turnaround times, and offers the option of online optimization and access to our large collection of Invitrogen vectors, including Gateway™ vectors. Come and see for yourself how easy cloning can be.

Configure your project

GeneArt online portal registration and access

You can access the GeneArt online portal at various places on our website. At, click any blue “Order now” button. Or go to; sign in to your account, or click the “Register Now” link at the bottom right of the page to register for a new account.

If you’re not ready to create a full account, clicking the “No, not now” button at the bottom of the registration page after you’ve filled in your information will allow a simplified registration and ensure that your data will be retained for future visits to the portal.

Project Manager

Everything starts on the My Projects tab within the Project Manager. Start, organize, and view your projects within folders here.

  • Folders are collapsible line items, containing the projects
  • Projects are displayed as buttons with menus
  • The menu helps you manage a project with useful commands
  • Main information appears at the project level
  • Sort and search functionalities support handling
  • Clicking on the project name will display your project within the Project Configurator

Use the black “Help” button to see useful information within four subjects: basic, history, sort, and search. Use the blue “+ New Project” button to start your first project. Give it a name and create a folder. You will then be directed to the Project Configurator.

Project Configurator

The Project Configurator provides the portal’s main functionality, allowing you to easily set up a project according to your individual needs. You can add many genes or services to one project by clicking the “+ New process” button.

  • All information regarding how to set up a project is directly displayed
  • Services are grouped on tabs with icons for intuitive and drag & drop–based project setup
  • Each tab has an icon for “Assisted Setup” file upload
  • Use the tab’s “?” button to see all service details
  • Drag icons into the drop zone and place them in the order that they would occur in your workflow
  • You arrange the icons according to your individual project needs
  • Icons are associated with a menu of helpful functions, e.g., copy
  • Click the icon to enter the order details
  • Select the “Proceed to summary” button to view a project summary and proceed to the cart to order your project
  • You have three different sequence upload options:
    1. Copy and paste from your own file
    2. Directly export your sequence from Vector NTI Express Designer
    3. Upload multiple sequences using the Large Order Assistant

See your options by reviewing the service icons, displayed horizontally above the Process area. Don’t miss additional services under the other tabs.

Gene Synthesis

Clicking the Gene Synthesis icon will allow you to enter your sequence and define your specifications. A few tabs will reduce your efforts to just what’s essential: Enter Sequence, Edit Sequence (optional), and Optimize Sequence (optional). Check your input under the Sequence Summary tab. Save and close at any time, and you’ll be allowed to continue with your order later.

  • Get immediate ordering of wild type sequences with just the “Enter Sequence” tab: enter a name, sequence, sequence type, and biosafety classification; click “Save & close” and you are done.
  • Choose the Express cloning service to save time on your project; get your construct directly cloned into one of a growing number of Invitrogen vector choices, including Gateway vectors.
  • Use the “Edit Sequence” tab to add cloning sites, modify your sequence, and annotate your ORF if you want to receive complimentary optimization for expression (under the “Optimize Sequence” tab).
  • Chose your downstream services if you have not yet selected them in the icon view.


Ordering a gene subcloned into a vector of your choice is simple and can be done quickly and intuitively: just enter your final construct name and make a selection in the “Vector*” field. Most other steps happen automatically, with input required from you in a few places for first-time setup of a personal vector.

  • In silico cloning starts automatically after adding a name and choosing a vector in the “Vector*” field, provided the cloning sites were defined previously in the gene synthesis details.
  • A downloadable map will appear. For unusual cloning strategies, different cloning options will be shown so that you can choose your preferred option.
  • There is a large list of available vector choices, including all of the main Invitrogen vectors.
  • Any other Invitrogen™ vector can be ordered by using the custom vector choice. We have all Invitrogen™ vectors in stock, so you will not need to send it to us.
  • If you will be using a customized vector, you will need to send us a sample only once. The physical vector will be stored, and the digital vector will be uploaded to the portal to be available within the “My portal vector” list

Strings DNA Fragments

The Strings fragments ordering process is very similar to the gene synthesis ordering process.

  • Drag and drop the Strings DNA fragments icon onto the target field and enter your desired fragment sequence.
  • Add optional edits (e.g., add restriction sites for subcloning) and optimize your sequence.
  • Verify your sequence under the Sequence Summary tab, download the desired files, and click “Save & close” to proceed to the Project Configurator.
  • “Save & close” can be used at any time to save your project; you’ll be allowed to continue with your order later.

Mutagenesis/gene variants

If you need a set of similar sequences that only differ to a limited extent (e.g., nucleotide exchanges or addition or deletion of nucleotides (see detailed variant criteria when you set up your project in the portal)), you may use our mutagenesis service. One sequence needs to be present as a template (e.g., produced by gene synthesis), and the other sequences may be cost-efficiently produced using PCR mutagenesis.

  • Cost-efficient: helps save money by offering variant production rather than de novo synthesis
  • Easy to use: easy upload of a bundle of variants using the Mutagenesis Bundle editor

Take advantage of our bundle offer (6 or more variants with subcloning in your own vector for highly reduced rates).

GeneArt Elements vector construction

Build a customized vector using the GeneArt Elements parts collection. Make use of our comprehensive online parts repository, including more than 400 well-characterized genetic elements that can be combined with your custom parts to design individualized vectors. There are no design restrictions.* All parts will be seamlessly assembled.

  • Work with genetic parts on an abstract, symbolic level
  • Review available part information, e.g., part sequence, part functionality, available references, IP status
  • Drag and drop parts from the repository into your construct
  • Introduce your own parts into the repository/construct
  • Reverse-complement a specific part with just one mouse click
  • You can also start with one of five commonly used template vectors
  • Review your final design under the Summary tab, with an option to download a .gb file

*Functionality in the final vector requires that you choose a resistance marker and an E. coli origin of replication from the GeneArt Elements™ repository.

Project summary and cart (price, quote, and turnaround time)

After project setup, the Project Summary will allow you to review all services and download all relevant files, including a project report, project sequences, and vector files. You can choose Express or SuperSPEED Service upgrades for accelerated synthesis of your DNA.

“Add to cart” is the first of four checkout steps and allows you to see your individual price. To adjust your project or add further sequences, you can easily get back to the Project Configurator using the Edit link.

  •  See your individual prices and the net subtotal of your order
  •  Receive an estimate of production time
  •  Apply promotion codes
  • Generate and print a Web quote

To finalize your order, continue with checkout. Specify your billing and shipping details, read and approve terms and conditions, and verify your order information before confirming. The final confirmation view will show all costs, including tax, and will also allow you to go back and edit the project if necessary.

GeneObserver online status tracking tool

Once you have placed your order and manufacturing has begun, you can monitor the production status in our unique GeneObserver tracking system by clicking the My GeneObserver tab at top of the portal view.

  • Easy access within the GeneArt online portal
  • Updates every 24 hours
  • Convenient online tracking no matter where you are
  • Helps with accurate scheduling and planning of your experiments

GeneArt Gene Synthesis tutorials

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