For researchers who need long custom DNA constructs for pharmaceutical development (e.g. viral genomes) or for metabolic engineering, pathway engineering, or synthetic biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a fast, reliable, and economic solution—our proprietary and completely in-house GeneArt™ DNA synthesis and assembly services.

Solutions from gene fragments to genomes

  • High-throughput  gene synthesis with a capacity of >8.5 Mbp per month (fast and reliable production of DNA pieces for assembly).
  • Expert design and assembly technologies and process expertise for the assembly of constructs from 10 kb to several hundred kilobases, with timelines starting from 25 business days.
  • Robust technologies to build DNA constructs with highest complexity.
  • Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing offer flexible solutions for sequence verification and final QC.
  • Proven track record of reliable and timely production for long and complex constructs, with dozens of constructs built each year.
  • Proprietary technologies to build high-quality gene fragments up to 3 kb, and assembly kits that enable do-it-yourself construction and assembly.

NEW Now get your 1,201–3,000 bp fragments two days sooner

DNA type
  • Parts
  • Fragments
  • Genes/ORFs
  • Devices
  • Genes/ORFs
  • Genetic circuits
  • Enzymatic pathways
  • Recombinant viral genomes
  • Bacterial genomes
  • Eukaryotic chromosomes (e.g., yeast)
Length 0.1–3 kb 3–9 kb 9 kb–100 kb

100 kb–1.5 Mb

Processing 4–12 business days 12–22 business days From 23 business days On request
Capabilities >9.5 Mb/month gene synthesis capacity (largest gene synthesis supplier according to 2013 BCC report)
  High-throughput production
  • High speed, 7 Mb/month
  • Leading Bio IT solutions, including proven GeneOptimizer™ technology
  • Easy online ordering through GeneArt™ portal and Vector NTI™ connection
  • 0.15–3 kb can be ordered as GeneArt Gene Synthesis or Strings DNA Fragments
Specialized manufacturing team
  • Experienced design and assembly
  • Proprietary technology
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Proven track record for reliable, timely production of complex custom constructs

Expert services and tools

  • Assembly services and tools
  • High-quality DNA fragments
  • Large gene synthesis blocks
  • Large construct assembly
  • Versatile assembly technology and kit solutions
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