GeneArt Plasmid DNA Purification Services

Our experienced scientists can prepare research grade plasmid DNA (pDNA) as well as pre-clinical grade plasmid DNA with GeneArt Plasmid Services using proven protocols, quality-controlled systems and reagents.

GeneArt facilities are ISO9001:2018 certified and have demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Pre-clinical grade pDNA comes with outstanding quality control and documentation as requested. In addition, cGMP plasmid DNA manufacturing services are available.

Plasmid purification service options

Option 1

Build your own construct with gene synthesis and add plasmid purification.

GeneArt Instant Designer

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Option 2

Re-order or use an archived construct and request purification.

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Option 3

Send your plasmid directly to GeneArt Services and we’ll do the purification for you.

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Our highly pure, homogenous plasmid DNA is transfection and/or transformation ready:

  • Extremely low levels of endotoxin: <0.1 EU/µg pDNA in selected scales (generally considered endotoxin-free)
  • Scale production microgram to milligram scale production
  • Production in shaker culture or bioreactor
  • Delivery options: liquid or frozen on dry ice
  • Fill-and-finish service available—get your pDNA in labeled aliquots for immediate use, per your specifications

High performance plasmids are typically high copy number plasmids, production friendly and nontoxic genes that routinely provide greater than 3 mg/L in LB culture.

Table 1. Options of plasmid DNA purification scales with yields. Plasmid purification yields of greater than 1 mg have the option of endotoxin and Bioburden testing.

Plasmid Purification ScaleCommunicated YieldsConcentrationEndotoxin testBioburden testing (gDNA and RNA assays)
Midiprep (50 mL)10–100 µg pDNA
(~100 µg high performance plasmids)
1 mg/mL

On request:
0.1, 0.5, 2.0, 4.0 mg/mL
Maxiprep* (250 mL)50–500 µg pDNA
(~500 µg high performance plasmid)
1 mg guaranteed
1 mg guaranteed pDNA (high performance plasmids; >3 mg/L prep in LB culture)NANA
Gigaprep* (2.5 L)1–10 mg pDNA
(~10 mg high performance plasmid)
2x Gigaprep* (5 L)2 mg–15 mg DNA (~15 mg high performance plasmid)OptionalOptional

* Prepared with low endotoxin plasmid prep technology.

Specifications, quality control, and documentation

  • Appearance by visual inspection
  • Purity via A260/A280
  • Closed circular construct >85% (visual inspection)
  • TSE-free option available (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy)
  • Sequence verification of gene of interest
  • Restriction analysis upon request
  • Low endotoxin: <100 EU/mL
  • Buffer options: TE, H2O, PBS

Material documentation—Documentation of gene construction including gene design, cloning strategy, oligo design, chemical and enzymes (provider and catalog no.), releasing scientist, shipping provider and tracking number. Additional documentation can include a working / SOP list and documentation of releasing scientist.

Data storage for material documentation—Storage of all relevant data for material documentation for 10 years. Material documentation report can be requested at any time during these 10 years.