Tools for flexible protocols, and fast, high-quality results

  • Speed—clone up to 10 DNA fragments simultaneously; assemble existing fragments without restriction digest or PCR amplification
  • Precision—no extra sequences; clone what you want where you want
  • Flexibility—use our linearized vectors or any vector of your choice
  • Simplicityfree online tool  guides you through planning, design and assembly of your construct and PCR primer design, if needed

Expert Vector Construction: The GeneArt® Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit eliminates multiple rounds of restriction enzyme analysis and digestion, DNA end-repair, de-phosphorylation, ligation, enzyme inactivation and clean-up, and loss of precious DNA. It’s what our experts use to make vectors, and they save 3-4 weeks versus traditional RE cloning methods.

Which Seamless Cloning & Assembly Kit is Right for You?

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  Assemble up to 4 fragments Assemble up to 4 fragments Assemble up to 4 fragments Assemble up to 8 fragments Assemble up to 10 fragments
  GeneArt® Seamless Cloning Enzyme Mix GeneArt® Seamless Cloning & Assembly Kit GeneArt® Seamless PLUS Cloning and Assembly Kit GeneArt® Type IIs Assembly kits GeneArt® High-Order Genetic Assembly System
Cloning Efficiency >90%
  • 90% - single 5 kb DNA
  • 70% - 4 Fragments, 1 kb each
  • 40% - 4 DNA Fragments, 2 kb each
  • 90% - 5 fragments up to 2 kb each (direct)
  • > 90% - 8 fragments totaling 10 kb (pre-cloned)
All-in-one Enzyme/Buffer Mix    
# of Fragments Cloned Simultaneously Up to 4 Up to 4 Up to 4 Up to 8 Up to 10
Maximum Assembled Product Size Up to 13 kb (with vector) Up to 13 kb (with vector) Up to 40 kb (with vector)
  • Up to 13 kb (with vector)
  • Up to 20 kb to lower efficiency
Up to 110 kb (with vector)
Time to Clone Multiple Fragments Typically in half a day 1 day Typically in half a day Typically in half a day 3 days
Replication Host E. coli E. coli >E. coli E. coli S. cerevisae MaV203
Assemble Fragments w/o End Sequence Homology w/o PCR      

GeneArt® Web-Based Design Tool

Guides the assembly of fragments, checks for potential issues, designs DNA oligonucleotides and presents an annotated sequence and graphical representation of the final assembled molecule.

GeneArt® Web-Based Design Tool

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