Making a gene or genetic elements can be done through cloning with TOPO technology, constructing the gene with the GeneArt Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit or purchasing an optimized GeneArt gene. TOPO cloning is the ideal solution for the researcher who needs to clone genes with a high cloning efficiency. The GeneArt seamless cloning allows a researcher to clone up to 4 fragments directly into any vector of their choice with high efficiency in a 30 minute bench-top cloning reaction. GeneArt Optimized Genes are the most complete solution for customers, providing what they need with a minimum of hand-on time.

GeneArt Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kits work great together with GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments. This new service offers custom-made DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp ready for cloning and assembly and delivered in only 5-7 business days.

Making a Gene or Genetic Element

  Quick & simple cloning when constructing a gene The highest efficiency, direct cloning technology available today Custom optimized gene, 100% accurate, no limitation in sequence design
  TOPO Cloning
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GeneArt Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit & GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments
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GeneArt Optimized Genes
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Key Features Fastest cloning method with high efficiency into a cloning vector Can clone up to 4 fragments into any vector without additional sequence Full service that delivers validated Genes with improved expression yields, no limitation in sequence design
Time spent cloning 5 minutes 30 minutes No hands-on time required at all
Maximum Number of Fragments 1 4 Service can deliver length of 20kb and more
Cloning Efficiency 95% 90% (single fragment);
75% (4 fragments)
Service can deliver length of >20kb
Time to Clone Multiple Fragments N/A 1–3 days 6–15 days to receive clones ready for use
Improvement of expression yields N/A N/A Up to 100%
Webtool for oligo and construct design N/A Free! Free!
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