What is synthetic biology?

Synthetic biology combines molecular biology and systems biology with engineering principles to design biological systems and bio-factories. The aim is to create improved biological functions to address current and future challenges.

We believe synthetic biology will change the way we create energy, produce food, optimize industrial processing, and detect, prevent, and cure disease. We are committed to offering unparalleled technology and solutions to this research community. Through science and engineering, this unique area enables researchers to study, alter, create, and re-create highly complex pathways, DNA sequences, genes, and natural biological systems, in order to understand and answer some of life’s most challenging questions.

Synthetic Biology features

Synthetic Biology Applications

All the disciplines where synthetic biology tools are used, e.g., life sciences, biofuels, and vaccine production.

Gene Synthesis Tutorials

Review tools and resources for every step of gene synthesis.

Synthetic Biology Custom Services

All available custom services, from cloning and expression to host engineering.

Synthetic Biology Videos

All of our latest educational and technology videos.

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