GeneArt Precision TALs Stable Cell Line Service

TAL-edited cell lines

Creating stable cell lines is time consuming and complex. The trusted, experienced developers of GeneArt Precision TALs can offer you custom-designed, stable cell lines generated using one of the most robust and reliable technologies on the market. Deploying quality products throughout the process—everything from Gibco cell culture media and reagents and cell health assays, to next-generation sequencing using Ion Torrent sequencers—our scientists will work with you to design your stable cell line and to develop and perform quality control testing to ensure that the cell line meets your requirements.

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What are GeneArt Precision TALs and how do they work?

GeneArt Precision TALs

GeneArt Precision TALs are derived from Xanthomonas, a genus of plant pathogens. The pathogen targets a specific region of the host’s DNA using a protein containing 17–18 repeats of approximately 34 amino acids each. The nucleotide specificity is conferred by amino acids 12 and 13 within each repeat. Each nucleotide in the target DNA is recognized by one repeat. This one-to-one relationship was exploited in the creation of GeneArt Precision TALs, which can be used to specifically target any locus in the genome.

GeneArt Precision TALs provide custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing. Unlike other technologies that limit the choice of targets or provide ambiguous results, GeneArt Precision TALs enable the targeting of any locus in the genome. GeneArt Precision TALs offer site-specific delivery of nucleases, activators, repressors, chromatin modifiers, genomic labels, and cross-linking molecules. GeneArt Precision TALs are supplied as Gateway system–compatible entry clones encoding a DNA-binding protein that is specific to your submitted sequence and that is fused to a range of effector domains you specify. This genome editing technology is proven effective in a variety of host systems, including bacteria, yeast, plants, insects, zebrafish, and mammals.

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What the service includes

We will apply its expertise in creating stable cell lines to design, develop, and validate a custom stable cell line as outlined below using validated GeneArt Precision TALs and a customer-supplied cell line.

  • Protocol transfer and transfection optimization service
  • Custom GeneArt Precision TALs production
  • Validation of custom GeneArt Precision TALs efficacy
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Quality control analysis of stable cell line

Cell line development process and timeline

How rapidly we can deliver a custom stable cell line depends on the individual cell line growth characteristics and culturing requirements. Projects are typically completed within 23 to 30 weeks.

Process for creating GeneArt Precision TALs stable cell lines.

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