How to videos—helping you work with our tools

GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis vs. Traditional Cloning

How to create a genetic element or construct

How to optimize gene synthesis for better protein expression

GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis ordering portal tutorial

Vector NTI™ Tutorial—Database Backup

Vector NTI™ Tutorial Software Activation

Vector NTI™ Tutorial Database Migration

Vector NTI™ Tutorial Purchasing a Static License

Technology Videos

What is Synthetic Biology?

Directed Evolution–Rational protein improvement

Gateway™ Cloning Technology

Genomic editing with GeneArt™ Precision TALs

Vector NTI™ express Sequence Analysis & Design Software

Gene Synthesis by GeneArt™

Gene Optimization

Meet our Scientists—Hear about how our team used your feedback to develop new technologies

Dr. Federico Katzen, GeneArt™ DNA Assembly—Meet the Inventor Series

Dr. Jon Chestnut, Gateway™ Technology—Meet the Inventor Series

Dr. Jon Chestnut, GeneArt™ Precision TALs —Meet the Inventor Series