How to videos—helping you work with our tools

GeneArt Gene Synthesis vs. Traditional Cloning

How to create a genetic element or construct

How to optimize gene synthesis for better protein expression

GeneArt Gene Synthesis ordering portal tutorial

Vector NTI Tutorial—Database Backup

Vector NTI Tutorial Software Activation

Vector NTI Tutorial Database Migration

Vector NTI Tutorial Purchasing a Static License

Technology Videos

What is Synthetic Biology?

Directed Evolution–Rational protein improvement

Gateway Cloning Technology

Genomic editing with GeneArt Precision TALs

Vector NTI express Sequence Analysis & Design Software

Gene Synthesis by GeneArt

Gene Optimization

Meet our Scientists—Hear about how our team used your feedback to develop new technologies

Dr. Federico Katzen, GeneArt DNA Assembly—Meet the Inventor Series

Dr. Jon Chestnut, Gateway Technology—Meet the Inventor Series

Dr. Jon Chestnut, GeneArt Precision TALs —Meet the Inventor Series