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Curate. Discover. Design. Confirm. 

Invitrogen Vector NTI software is a completely integrated suite of sequence analysis and design tools that help you manage, view, analyze, transform, share, and publish diverse types of molecular biology data, all within one graphically rich analysis environment.

  • Curate—store and manage collections, visualize maps, and search sequences
  • Discover—analyze, compare, and contrast sequences
  • Design—cloning strategy, primers for PCR, cloning, and resequencing, and gel simulations of sequences
  • Confirm—contig assembly, sequence validation, and literature validation

Vector NTI Data Export Tool

This Data export tool will allow you to export your molecule data from proprietary Vector NTI file formats into standard, open source formats. Check out the Release notes for more information.

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Vector NTI Express Designer Software

  Vector NTI Express Designer Software leads the way in engineering the next generation of in silico cloning and assembly. The newly developed interface is a virtual project canvas for both simplified drag-and-drop vector construction and simplified sequence alignment between projects. Vector NTI Express Designer Software also provides access to Invitrogen GeneArt web tools to obtain optimized protein expression levels. Learn more or download a trial.

Explore our latest platform, Vector NTI Express Designer Software—now available for Mac or PC operating systems.

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Vector NTI® Express Software

  Vector NTI® Express Software retains the trusted tools of Vector NTI® Advance Software with a brand-new, faster interface. Since your Vector NTI® Express license works with Vector NTI® Advance Software as well, think of a Vector NTI® Express Software purchase as an investment—you can stay with Vector NTI® Advance Software as long as you’d like, and Vector NTI® Express Software will be available to you whenever you’re ready. In addition to boasting a new interface, Vector NTI® Express Software also has dedicated Mac® OS X® support, and new bioinformatics tools will be delivered seamlessly through automatic updates to the existing software. Learn more or download a trial.

Explore Vector NTI® Express Software — now available for Mac® or PC operating systems.

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Interested in Vector NTI Advance Software?


Vector NTI Advance software is a multifunctional desktop sequence analysis application suite that provides integration, data management, and scalability. The software is cited in more than 20,000 publications and is compatible with CE sequencing. Version 11.5, launched in 2010, is compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS X running Windows under Parallels Desktop 5 or Boot Camp. New features in Version 11.5 include:

  • Performance enhancements for easy management of thousands of molecules
  • Support for Applied Biosystems ABI 3500 file format
  • Synthetic biology workflows—GENEART Assembly
  • Update to the NCBI query format
  • Improved workflow for querying TaqMan Gene Expression assays online
  • Primer template base-by-base alignment display and reporting

Which Vector NTI Software is right for you?

We understand that your lab has specific needs. We are happy to provide a custom quote for Vector NTI Express  or Vector NTI Advance Software.

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NEW Invitrogen ­Anza Restriction Enzymes for Uploading to Vector NTI

Instructions for Importing Anza Restriction Enzymes
Vector NTI Express or Vector NTI Express Designer
Vector NTI Advance
Data File for Importing
 Anza Restriction Enzyme Data File

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