Vector NTI WorkGroup™ software is a license option that provides unparalleled convenience for life science research teams by simplifying molecular biology data sharing.

Vector NTI WorkGroup™ software increases the productivity of communities of researchers by:  

  • Leveraging the work of each contributing scientist by providing central, searchable storage of molecular biology information
  • Reducing duplication of research effort, saving time and money
  • Maximizing sharing by supporting multiple data types, and all key sequence file formats
  • Minimizing start-up time through an intuitive user interface that closely resembles Vector NTI®

Special databases, repositories of DNA/RNA or protein molecules, enzymes, oligonucleotides, and gel markers, can be created and shared between several Vector NTI® users on a network.

Shared databases are not a replacement for local databases; each Vector NTI® application still must have its own local database. The local database is used in all operations: construction, design, creation of viewers etc. The local database is also the place for storing private and temporary data.

The main purpose of the shared database is to store common data. The only operations you can perform on shared databases are:

  1. Copying data to/from the local database.
  2. Various database management operations such as creating and deleting subsets, etc.
  3. Database searches.


For instance, you may copy some of your molecules and enzymes from your local database into the shared database. In order to use them in the design process, your colleague must copy them to his/her local database first. In addition to biological data, each database contains information about its creator and registered users. Only the creator and registered users can have access to database data. The database creator can also change database properties, remove registered users, and define the password required to become a register user.

Note: Vector NTI® shared databases use portable data format and file naming conventions to ensure that both Mac and Windows users of Vector NTI® can access common databases. Shared databases can be located on a wide range of file servers—Vector NTI® can work using not only services native to each system, (Microsoft Network or AppleTalk) but also various Unix (NFS or Samba) and NetWare services.

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