Vector NTI® Advance software is the most highly integrated, multifunctional desktop sequence analysis application suite available today and provides superior integration, data management, and scalability.

Version 11.5 of Vector NTI® runs directly on Mac OS X through the use of Parallels® 5 for Mac, circumventing the need to reboot so you can seamlessly work with your existing Mac applications.

What's New in Vector NTI® 11.5

Workflow support for new DNA cloning and genome-scale assembly tools

Workflow support                                        

The GENEART® Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit, together with the GENEART® High-Order Genetic Assembly System are the next generation of cloning tools we developed to enable molecular biology and synthetic biology projects in your laboratory. These new tools are not dependent upon restriction enzymes, ligation, or recombination sites. Instead, terminal-end homology of the DNA fragments is used to guide a seamless, directly assembly of the of DNA sequences of interest. Version 11.5 of Vector NTI® introduces these workflows that work with the Local Database.

From here, you will be able to specify the fragments of sequence that you want to assemble, while letting the software take care of the validation and DNA oligo design for PCR or stitching, when applicable.


Lean More about GENEART® Seamless Cloning and High-Order Genetic Assembly.

The new version also comes with BioBrick™ functionality. BioBrick™ functionality encompasses an important standard in Synthetic Biology that supports basic creation and manipulation of small functional pieces of DNA termed ‘parts’. Parts can be assembled to create ‘devices’. In Version 11.5, Vector NTI® introduces a BioBrick™ Assembly workflow that supports the BB10, BB15, BB21, BB23, BB25 and BB36 specifications.

BioBrick™ is a trademark of the BioBricks Foundation. No sponsorship, affilliation or endorsement is implied by our use herein. For more information about Biobrick™ and the BioBricks Foundation, please visit

Mac Compatibility and Extended OS support

Mac Compatibility and Extended OS support                                        

Mac users can realize the full power and latest version of Vector NTI Advance® software by the simple installation of Parallels Desktop® 5 for Mac. Parallels Desktop® 5 for Mac lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac OS X side-by-side, drag-and-drop your files between operating systems, and run Windows software on your Apple computer without rebooting. Vector NTI® software also runs on Windows® XP Pro on Intel®-based Macs.

Learn more about Parallels Desktop® for Mac.

For PC users, Vector NTI® runs on Windows® 7, Vista, and XP Pro, including in Japanese language editions.

Improved Workflow for Querying TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays Online

Improved Workflow for Querying TaqMan                                        

Over 1 million pre-designed TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays (either inventoried or made-to-order) are available for purchase. Vector NTI®  version 11.5 provides the next level of interoperability between Vector NTI® and these Web resources by enabling the posting of a sequence or sub-sequence from Vector NTI® to the search and (separately) to the Custom Design tools so that a user can seamlessly search for existing TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays from the stock of inventoried or made-to-order assays, or to request design of a custom assay.

  • In search of the pre-designed TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, you can now manage almost the entire workflow from within the Vector NTI® software. You can start by searching for the assay, add items from the search results into local shopping cart, and submit your order on our website.
  • From Database Explorer or MV, you can select either the entire sequence, or part of the sequence, and invoke the Custom Assay Design Tool. You can manage your local list of sequences, and submit that all at once to the Applied Biosystems® web site.

Applied Biosystems® 3500 System File Format Support

Applied Biosystems® 3500 System File Format Support                                        

The ContigExpress (CEX) module of Vector NTI® allows the user to import the 3500-generated .ab1 files into the CEX Project Window via the Menu Option and via drag-and-drop into the CEX Project Window. V11.5 displays the 3500-specific tag information in the Chromatogram Viewer, and allows user to specify what tag information to display via the 'View Options' setting.

Primer-Template Alignment Interface

Primer-Template Alignment Interface                                        

A widely-used function is the mapping of primers onto a template sequence in the Molecule Viewer (MV) window of the Vector NTI® module. Now, the user can view the base-by-base alignment between the primer and template from MV by right-clicking on the motif. In addition, the Vector NTI® Report Generator now includes displaying the base-by-base motif alignment either in plain text or following GenBank® database format.

Serious performance for managing thousand of molecules

An improvement in V11.5 to the Local Database performance now means you can store up to 32,000 DNA/RNA/protein molecules, 100,000 oligonucleotides, 100,000 citation records, 100,000 BLAST results, 100,000 Analysis Results, and 5,000 Gel Marker records in the Local Database without experiencing a severe drop in performance.

And much more!

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