KingFisher automated extraction systems

KingFisher automated extraction & purification system

The most versatile benchtop automation in the lab for consistent extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, protein, and cells. The KingFisher system technology provides an efficient workflow solution.

Multiple applications

KingFisher automated extraction systems can be applied to many workflows to support multiple initiatives in your lab.

KingFisher instruments for automated sample preparation

As your throughput needs develop, KingFisher's automated technology is there to support your process.

Automated purification kits

Find the right purification kits to fit your application.

Application and instrument support

The industry's largest network of trained support professionals are available for KingFisher instrument assistance.

Benefits of automated extraction and purification

Automated Sample Prep is 50-75 % quicker than Manual Sample Prep

Faster samples

KingFisher instruments save you valuable time by removing manual steps and reducing overall processing time, even when compared with other instruments.

Consistent samples

KingFisher automated extraction instruments reduce user processing errors while increasing the reproducibility of your results. Our data show that samples processed with KingFisher instruments show consistent results across runs and different users, which is important for more sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR, NGS, digital PCR, and mass spectrometry.

Easier samples

KingFisher instruments offer optimized, easy-to-follow protocols for nearly every downstream application or sample type.

Request a free demo

Our specialists offer an on-site demonstration of the KingFisher system with your samples. They provide the instrument, consumables, and reagents from Thermo Fisher Scientific that are specific to your research needs. The demonstration includes instrument setup and use, protocol modification, and other FAQs.

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KingFisher Instruments

How KingFisher automated instruments work

KingFisher instruments automate extraction of DNA, RNA, cells, and protein using biotinylated magnetic beads that capture targeted ligands. The result is a clean extraction and purification process yielding consistent results. Using a simple workflow including binding, washing, and elution, KingFisher instruments can automate the extraction of any analyte of interest with a bead on it.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.