Automating DNA and RNA extraction, protein preparation, and cell isolation steps can improve a laboratory’s efficiency by reducing touch time and increase their data quality by minimizing human errors. Manual sample preparation steps including pipetting and transfers are labor and time intensive steps that limit reproducibility in the laboratory. Automated extraction systems with optimized protocols can carry out the tedious wash, bind, and elution steps, handle mixes and separations with minimal oversight, getting samples ready for downstream applications like qPCR, mass spectroscopy, and next-generation sequencing.

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Automated sample preparation for nucleic acid, proteins, and cells

Automated sample preparation systems can help labs achieve consistent extraction and purification results. KingFisher Purification Systems are the most versatile benchtop automation in the lab providing an efficient workflow solution for all types of analytes.

Available automated sample preparation systems

Kingfisher instruments

KingFisher instruments for automated sample preparation

As your throughput needs develop, KingFisher's automated technology is available in different models to support your process.

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KingFisher Automated Extraction Process

How KingFisher automated extraction systems work

KingFisher systems use biotinylated magnetic beads for targeted ligand capture. Through an automated workflow of washing, binding, and eluting, they efficiently extract and enrich DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells from complex samples.

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How a Kingfisher automated sample prep system is set up

KingFisher systems support downstream applications

KingFisher automated extraction systems can be applied to many workflows to support multiple initiatives in your lab.

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Find solutions for optimizing your automated sample preparation

Whether you are looking to improve efficiency, purity or yield of your samples, the right tools and techniques make all the difference. Thermo Fisher Scientific products are designed for optimal extraction of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, and exosomes. Explore this curated selection of kits, reagents, and accessories tailored to meet all your sample extraction needs.

Viral/Pathogen NA Isolation Kit

Automated nucleic acid extraction

Nucleic acid workflows can be seamlessly automated with the right kits and reagents optimized to work with KingFisher systems.

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Nucleic acid extraction kits compatible with KingFisher automated systems:

Dynabeads for Immunoprecipitation with Protein A kit product photo
Dynabeads for Immunoprecipitation with Protein A kit product photo

Automated extraction of cells and exosomes

Automating cell and exosome isolation with KingFisher systems helps to reduce hands-on time, prevent cross-contamination, and deliver consistent outcomes. It is easy—set up, press start, walk away, and have results in just 40 minutes.

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Advantages of automated extraction and purification

Reduces number of manual steps

KingFisher instruments save you valuable time by removing manual steps and reducing overall processing time, even when compared with other instruments.

Achieves consistent results downstream

KingFisher automated extraction instruments reduce user processing errors while increasing the reproducibility of your results. Our data show that samples processed with KingFisher instruments show consistent results across runs and different users, which is important for more sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR, NGS, digital PCR, and mass spectrometry.

Decreases your overall cost per sample

Automation achieves cost savings at scale when viewing labor and material demand, let alone a happier employee doing less manual work. 

Chart showing average time required for gDNA, cfDNA and RNA prep using automated and manual process

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