Keep your KingFisher instrument up and running with superior support

There’s no time for downtime in your lab. Built on more than 35 years of service expertise, our complete plans for KingFisher instruments help keep your lab up and running. More than 1,000 trained professionals make up the industry’s largest network, ready to assist you when you need it. And smart features such as remote instrument services help keep you productive and focused on making the next discovery.

Benefits of a KingFisher instrument service plan:

  • Maximize system uptime with fast repair turnaround time from manufacturer-trained and certified field service engineers
  • Remote instrument diagnosis and resolution helps reduce overall repair costs
  • Extend the life of your KingFisher instrument and keep it running with annual service maintenance

During the system warranty period all costs for travel, labor and parts for repairs are covered. Extended warranty is also available at the time of instrument purchase.

If you already have a KingFisher instrument in your lab, and want to explore our service offerings, visit our Service Selection Tool today to get the right coverage for your instrument—it’s as easy as 1-2-3. 

With our AB Assurance on-site service plan, you’ll maximize system uptime, reduce overall repair costs, get fast repair turnaround time from a manufacturer-trained and certified field service engineer (FSE), extend the life of your instrument, and help keep it running at peak performance.

On-site service plan at a glance

Product AB assurance plan

Standard on-site response time

2 business days*

Scheduled on-site PM

Remote instrument diagnostics

Priority access to technical support
(Monday–Friday, standard business hours)

Parts, labor, and travel for repair

Priority access to remote service engineer

*Availability limited in some geographic areas.

Visit our Service Selection Tool to choose your service requirements and receive a personalized service quote.

Planned Maintenance service for KingFisher instruments includes:

  • Firmware version recording
  • BindiT software updates to current version on optional computer
  • ECO’s or software updates
  • Visual environmental inspection
  • General maintenance
    • Liquid spills inspection
    • Turntable and case clean
    • Turntable belt tension adjustment
    • Censors clean
    • Magnetic head movement check
    • Lube/grease to bearings and linear rails
  • Diagnostics tests run in service and support hardware drive
    • Heater assembly check
    • Heat block check
    • Heater fan check
    • Rot test
    • Tip load tests
    • Keypad functionality test
    • Alignment tests (tip comb, magnet head and tip shield)

Add qualification services to compliment your service plan. Instrument hardware qualifications for the KingFisher instruments include installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) to document and verify that instruments are installed and operating according to manufacturer’s specifications. An IQ/OQ is recommended at installation and when moving the instrument. Our qualification specialists will partner with you to deliver timely, cost-effective, and trusted qualification services that include reliable, audit-style documentation that will help ensure your instruments meet regulatory requirements.

Contact an instrument qualifications specialist at

During the instrument warranty period all costs for travel, labor and parts for repairs are covered.

  KingFisher Duo Prime KingFisher Flex KingFisher Presto
Warranty information 1-year standard warranty 1-year standard warranty 1-year standard warranty
Extended warranty available

For KingFisher instruments already in your lab, request a service quote tailored to your lab’s budget and needs. Visit our Service Selection Tool today to receive a customized quote.