Blood to PCR Genomic DNA Extraction Kits

Spend Less Time Setting Up and More Time Analyzing Results

Our kits are designed for the simple and rapid isolation of high-quality PCR-ready genomic DNA from blood. The isolated DNA is free of RNA and contaminants that may inhibit PCR. The isolated DNA is of high integrity and high molecular weight, and PCR-results show excellent reproducibility in combination with a high level of sensitivity. Purified gDNA is amplified directly from microplate wells, without elution, and is suitable for downstream procedures (such as multiplex PCR, qPCR, STR analysis, WGA (whole genome amplification), and sequencing). You’ll save time by going directly from genomic DNA (gDNA) isolation to PCR.

Which Genomic DNA Purification Kit is right for you?

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  Simple, sample lysis to PCR in one well Quick, sample lysis to PCR in one tube
  ChargeSwitch Direct gDNA Dynabeads DNA DIRECT Blood Kit
Blood Sample Type Whole blood (fresh or frozen) Fresh capillary blood, stabilized blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, and bone marrow
Starting Material 10 μL whole human blood 30 µL blood
Yield 50 ng DNA/well 600 ng–1 µg DNA
Protocol Time <45 min 10 min
Isolation Technology ChargeSwitch chemistry, coated 8-well or 96-well Magnetic bead
High Throughput Compatible Yes No (option available)
High Throughput / Automation Options ChargeSwitch Direct 96 gDNA Kit Dynabeads kit above in conjunction with: DynaMag-96 Side Magnet & DynaMag-96 Bottom Magnet
Kit Sizes Available 100 preps


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In addition to DNA and RNA isolation products, we offer an expansive portfolio of solutions for analysis and quantitation of tissue and cultured cell genomic DNA.