Buccal cells are one of the most common sample types used to obtain genetic information. Buccal cells are collected by swabbing the inside of a person’s cheek. The cells contained on the swab are then lysed, releasing genomic DNA that can be purified and analyzed. 

As with blood samples, buccal swabs have become a standard sample type for genotyping applications in the field of pharmacogenomics. The emergence of pharmacogenomic centers of excellence has resulted in an increasing need for purification of high-quality genomic DNA from buccal swabs. We offer kits optimized for the recovery of DNA from these informative samples.

Which Genomic DNA Extraction From Buccal Swabs Kit is right for you?

Fast isolation of gDNA High-yield, high-purity gDNA in a plate format Rapid and automated extraction of DNA, recommended for PGx
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  PureLink™ Genomic DNA Mini Kit PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit MagMAX™-96 DNA Multi-Sample Kit
No. of swabs 1 swab 1 swab 1 swab
Yield Up to 6 µg Up to 6 µg 2-12 µg
Isolation method Silica membrane Filter plate Magnetic beads
High-throughput compatible No Yes Yes
Compatible applications Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping
Prep time 15 min 35 min 1 hr
Prep size 50, 250 preps 4 x 96 preps 50, 96, 500, 2500 preps

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