Obtaining high-quality, intact DNA is often the first and most critical step in many fundamental molecular biology applications, such as DNA cloning, sequencing, PCR, and electrophoresis. Isolating intact total DNA from tissue samples varies in difficulty with the physical and biochemical nature of the tissue. For example, many DNA extraction methods will work equally well for tissues such as liver, but fibrous tissues such as heart, fatty tissues such as brain, and nuclease-rich tissues like spleen present challenges for DNA isolation. We offer a wide range of Invitrogen® DNA extraction from tissue kits, plus the support you may need to get high yields of pure, intact DNA from almost any type of tissue.

Which Genomic DNA Extraction From Tissue Kit is right for you?

Process the largest amount of tissue Rapid processing for scale and automation Most versatile; able to handle variety of sample types
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  DNAzol® ChargeSwitch® gDNA Mini Tissue Kit PureLink® Genomic DNA Kits
Recommendations Most cited and cost effective Best value Top seller
Sample Types Cells, tissue Tissue Cells, tissue, blood, bacteria
Protocol Time 10–30 min <15 min 15 min
Yield Up to 5 µg of DNA/mg of tissue Micro: Up to 5 µg DNA Mini: Up to 30 µg DNA Up to 5–9 µg DNA from tissue
Starting Material 25–50 mg tissue Micro (3–5 mg tissue) Mini (10–25 mg tissue)Up to 25 mg tissue
Isolation Technology Organic extraction ChargeSwitch® chemistry, magnetic beads Silica spin column
High Throughput Compatible No No (option available)No (option available)
High Throughput/Automation NA iPrep™ ChargeSwitch® gDNA Kits PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit Plates
Product Size 100 mL 25 preps

High-efficiency PCR processing using the ChargeSwitch® gDNA Mini Tissue Kit 
High-efficiency PCR processing using the ChargeSwitch® gDNA Mini Tissue Kit. 186-bp PCR products from PCR amplification of mouse β-globulin gene from different mouse tissue types in duplicate. PCR products were resolved on a 1.8% agarose gel and visualized with ethidium bromide. Positive control (+): 50 ng genomic mouse DNA control; negative control (–): buffer.


Other Products of Interest
In addition to DNA and RNA isolation products, we offer an expansive portfolio of solutions for analysis and quantitation of tissue and cultured cell genomic DNA.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.