Plasmid DNA Midiprep Kits

Starting with high-quality plasmid DNA is critical to your workflow.

The table below will help you choose the right plasmid DNA midiprep kit.

Which plasmid DNA midiprep kit is right for you?

Eliminates the use of chaotropic salts Rapid purification with integrated lysate clarification filter
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  PureLink® HiPure Plasmid PureLink® HiPure Filter Plasmid
Total protocol time 120 minutes 90 minutes
Yield plasmid DNA up to 200 µg up to 200 µg
Purity (Grade) Transfection grade Transfection grade
Format Gravity-flow column Gravity-flow column
Clarification Filter No Yes, save 30 minutes
Technology/Format Anion-exchange resin removes interfering salts Anion-exchange resin removes interfering salts
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