Separation and purification of the target DNA sequence prior to cloning is critical to obtaining the desired recombinant clones. We offer a wide range of reagents for DNA electrophoresis to separate and excise your band of interest from hassle-free E-Gel CloneWell precast gel to low melting UltraPure agarose. Choosing the right reagents will allow you to achieve optimal results in your experiment.

Which DNA Gel is Right for You?

  Low melting point agarose for pour your own gels Convenient & sensitive precast gel Precast gel designed for easy band capture ready for cloning
Top Seller     yes
Prep Time 30 min Ready to use Ready to use
Run Time 60 min 10 min 15 min
Sample Purification Time For Cloning* 30 min 30 min Ready to use
Gel Dye Add your own dye Proprietary Stain SYBR Safe
Sensitivity Variable Ultra Sensitive
(> 1 ng)
Highly Sensitive
(>5 ng)
# of Lanes Variable 11 12
% Gels Available Variable 1%, 2% & 4% 0.8%
Nonhazardous / Environmentally Friendly Options yes   yes
Pack Sizes Available 50 & 100 g 10 & 20 gels 18 gels
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*The amount of time required to excise the DNA band from the gel and purify the DNA from the agarose prior to use for cloning. Learn more.