Box and tubes of Invitrogen DNA Ladders

Invitrogen DNA ladders are available for a wide variety of size ranges, applications, and formats. Optimized size ranges are available for easy analysis of large and small fragments. These DNA ladders are stable during prolonged incubation at room temperature as well as after multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and include loading dyes for clear tracking and analysis.

Benefits of Invitrogen DNA ladders

Precise sizing

Each DNA ladder fragment is purified individually using proprietary chromatography-based technology, resulting in DNA ladders of exceptional quality that exceed industry standards. The chromatography-based purification method yields exceptionally pure DNA fragments.

Reliable quantification

The concentration of each DNA fragment in the DNA ladders is determined spectrophotometrically, which enables precise in-gel quantification. In addition, our chromatography-based purification method does not use organic solvents, which makes these DNA ladders environment-friendly products.

Reduced environmental footprint

These DNA ladders are shipped at ambient temperature in non-insulated packages, which aids in reducing the annual carbon footprint associated with packaging and shipping. Products shipped at ambient temperatures have been tested rigorously to ensure product quality and stability.

 Read whitepaper: DNA ladders shipped at ambient temperature help reduce environmental impact and retain their quality and stability

The Invitrogen family of DNA ladders include the following:

DNA ladder selection guide

The key to accurate band analysis is to use the correct DNA ladder suited for your particular application. This DNA ladder selection guide helps you choose the DNA ladder appropriate for your application.

ProductRange, base pair (bp)Ready to load
(in loading buffer)
Tracking dyes
E-Gel DNA Ladders10 to 15,000YesXylene Cyanol, Tartrazine (1X E-Gel Sample Loading Dye) or Xylene Cyanol, Orange G (1X E-Gel Sample Loading Dye)
TrackIt DNA Ladders1,000 to 10,000 (high mass)

100 to 2,000 (low mass)
YesTrackIt Cyan/Yellow Loading dye OR TrackIt Cyan/Orange Loading Dye
Mass DNA Ladders10 to 15,000NoProvided with 10X BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer
DNA Ladders10 to 15,000NoProvided with 10X BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer


Explore DNA loading buffers

Invitrogen DNA ladders: product offerings

DNA Ladders for E-Gels

Invitrogen E-Gel DNA ladders are premixed with loading buffer and designed specifically for use with the E-Gel precast agarose gels in sizes ranging from 10 bp to 15 kb.

E-Gel DNA ladder selection guide

TrackIt DNA Ladders

TrackIt DNA Ladders are premixed in loading buffer and ready to use. Available in popular sizes ranging from 10 bp to 12 kb, TrackIt DNA ladders are also supplied with loading dye for sample DNA. TrackIt DNA Ladders have reference bands (indicated in bold in the images below) for easy orientation. Select the ladder of interest below.

TrackIt DNA ladder selection guide

DNA ladders and mass ladders

DNA ladders are ideal for precise DNA sizing and approximate quantification. DNA mass ladders consist of equimolar mixtures of DNA fragments and are specifically created for quantitative estimation of DNA mass in gels.

DNA ladder and DNA mass ladder selection guide

High DNA Mass Ladder1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder100 bp DNA LadderLow DNA Mass Ladder50 bp DNA LadderUltra Low Range DNA Ladder
1,000–10,000 bp100–15,000 bp100–2,000 bp100–2,000 bp50–2,500 bp10–300 bp
High DNA Mass Ladder bands1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder bands100 bp DNA Ladder bandsLow DNA Mass Ladder bands50 bp DNA Ladder bandsUltra Low Range DNA Ladder bands
DNA loading buffers and tracking dyes
Stained DNA bands on agarose gel viewed under special illumination conditions

Loading buffers are solutions used for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples in agarose gels. Tracking dyes serve as visual markers of migration during electrophoresis and indicate when maximum resolution of the DNA fragments has been achieved. Additionally, visualization of DNA bands is not obscured by the tracking dyes because they run outside the limits of most DNA samples.

Learn more about DNA loading buffers


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