TrackIt™ DNA Ladders

TrackIt™ DNA Ladders are supplied premixed in loading buffer containing tracking dyes that run behind and ahead of the sample, ensuring the DNA bands will not be obscured by the dyes. TrackIt™ DNA Ladders are stable at room temperature and can be stored on your benchtop. There is no need to heat, mix, or dilute these ladders prior to loading them on your gel.

All the Ladder Sizes You Need

TrackIt™ DNA Ladders are available in popular size ranges such as the 1 Kb Plus Ladder and the 100 bp ladder. The key to accurate band analysis is to use the correct ladders or markers for your particular application. Use the selection graphic to help you choose the one you need.

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TrackIt™ DNA Ladder Selection Guide

DNA Ladder Base Pair (bp) Range
 λ DNA/Hind III Fragments 125 bp–23.1 kb
 X174RF DNA/Hae III Fragments 72 bp–1.35 kb
 pUC19/Sau3A I Digest dsDNA marker 8–955 bp
 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder 0.1–12 kb
 1 Kb DNA Extension ladder 0.5–40 kb
 10 bp DNA ladder 10–200 bp
 25 bp DNA ladder 25–500 bp
 50 bp DNA ladder 50–800 bp
 100 bp DNA ladder 0.1–1.5 kb
 123 bp DNA ladder 123–3,075 bp
 250 bp DNA ladder 0.25–3.5 kb
Supercoiled DNA ladder2–16 kb
Low DNA Mass ladder100–2,000 bp
High DNA Mass ladder   1–10 kb